10 Justice Leaguers Too Weird For The DCEU

The Justice League is DC’s greatest superteam. The best heroes in the DC Universe have called the team home, coming together to battle the biggest threats imaginable. The Justice League is a symbol of quality, of trusted A-list superheroes saving the day. However, not every member can be an amazing exemplar of superheroics. Some have been quite weird, and that’s saying the least.

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With the success of The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, the DCEU has learned that going a little weird is a good thing, but it’s doubtful they’ll bring the most bizarre members of the team into the movies.

10 Rocket Red Is A Cold War Throwback

The Justice League International years saw the team in many humorous adventures, a good portion of which were very ’80s. The Cold War was in full swing, so the JLI battled against the Rocket Red Brigade, a group of Soviet soldiers in powerful armor. One of the Rocket Reds ended up joining the JLI, and there’s no doubt that won’t happen again.

To begin with, the Rocket Reds are tied up in the Cold War and the Soviet era. That’s not to say they couldn’t be adapted to modern times, but even then, what’s the point of one being on the League? There are way better armored DC heroes to put on the team.

9 Jarro Is Just Going To Confuse Audiences

No one expected to see Starro on the big screen, so one can never say never, but its appearance is why Jarro will never appear. Jarro is one of Starro’s spawn that Batman saved. The little alien starfish bonded with the Caped Crusader and was made a member of the League. Jarro wanted to be Robin and Batman’s son, having fantasies of hanging out with the Caped Crusader. His telepathic prowess came in handy when Batman and the team needed it.

While it would be great to see little Jarro in his Robin costume, it’s just not going to happen. Audiences only see Starro as a massive kaiju and not an intelligent being. Its spawn doesn’t even rate that, so Jarro appearing is a wish that will never be granted.

Metamorpho’s ability to transform his body into anything on the periodic table is amazingly powerful. He’s a hero in the Ben Grimm mold, a blue-collar guy transformed into a monster by circumstance and trying to use his gifts for good. He’s known for working with Batman and has been a part of lesser Justice League rosters.

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Metamorpho would make a great visual, but the problem is that he is a rather complicated character and would need a movie or TV show before getting League membership. Even then, he’s going to get overshadowed by the more well-known members of the League.

7 Adam Strange Is Too Silver Age For Modern Movie Audiences

Silver Age DC was a wildly creative time for the publisher. A lot of great characters were created, many of whom joined the Justice League. Adam Strange is among these. He’s a classic sci-fi hero, a man who was transported by the Zeta Beam to the alien world of Rann, became a hero, got the girl, and then sent back to Earth, awaiting the next Zeta Beam back.

While the recent Strange Adventures brought Strange into the 21st century brilliantly, that story worked because readers already liked Strange and the caliber of the creators involved. For movie audiences, Strange is going to seem a bit too old school and wouldn’t work with the high-octane Justice League.

6 Zauriel Is A Literal Angel

The Justice League has boasted some massively powerful rosters. The most powerful has been called the Pantheon League, where each member coincided with a member of the Greek Pantheon of Gods. One of the members of this group was Zauriel, an angel from Heaven who had helped the Justice League stop renegade angels from destroying the Earth before joining the team.

Zauriel is a powerful hero, but there’s no way he’s going to be in the movies. Any religious icon used in a way that can be considered frivolous is likely to be deemed offensive. It’s easier to just not have Zauriel there than whether a firestorm.

5 G’Nort Is The Worst Green Lantern

The Green Lanterns are powerful heroes and have a venerable legacy with the Justice League. The Corps’ greatest Lanterns have called the League home, and, to everyone’s dismay, so has G’Nort. A canine alien, G’Nort is the worst Green Lantern ever. The JLI hated him so much that they sent him to Antarctica to be the leader of the Antarctic branch of the JLI, which didn’t actually exist before they sent him there.

G’Nort worked in the comedic JLI era, but he really wouldn’t work in any serious way. He’d do a lot of harm to the Green Lantern mythos if he ever appeared in the DCEU, so it’s better for him to stay in the comics where he belongs.

4 Animal Man Needs Too Much Work To Fit In With The League

DC is full of animal-themed characters, and Animal Man is one of the best. Animal Man is a B-list DC legend, with some of the greatest DC comics of all time under his belt. His control over the Red allows him to take on the attributes of any animal, which has served him well as a hero. He’s a great down-to-earth hero who deserves multimedia stardom, just not with the DCEU Justice League.

Animal Man has been involved in amazing stories, but his time with the Justice League and Justice League Dark was never really the highlight of his existence. Putting him on the League is honestly a waste of his potential, and without the context of his older stories, he’s just a lame simplistic throwback of a hero.

3 The Question Is Surplus To Requirements

Batman isn’t the only amazing detective in the DC Universe. The Question is nearly as smart and has been a member of the Justice League on occasion, even though he never really fit in. The conspiracy-minded hero is tough and intelligent, but his gruff manner and straight-up obsession with the strangest conspiracy theories make him a better solo hero than otherwise.

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Much like Animal Man, putting the Question on the DCEU Justice League is a waste. Everything he does, Batman does better, and the character would be better suited to having his own show than being a second-wheel detective character with the League.

2 Plastic Man Would Never Get His Due With The DCEU Justice League

Plastic Man is the height of weird DC characters. Eel O’Brian’s body is completely pliant and under his control, giving him stretching and shapeshifting powers that make any hero with similar powers look quaint. His abilities make him functionally immortal and unstoppable, and they’d be frightening on a more serious person. However, Plastic Man takes very little seriously other than his daughter and being a superhero.

Plastic Man is beloved because of his sense of humor and the fun way his powers are used. It’s hard to see him getting to be the Plastic Man everyone loves alongside the DCEU, even if the movies take a more lighthearted direction in the future.

1 The World Isn’t Lucky Enough To See Detective Chimp On The Big Screen

The Justice League Dark has their own purview, and they’re very good at it. As the magical arm of the League, they deal with mystic threats the main team can’t handle. One of their premier members is Detective Chimp, an intelligent chimpanzee with a magic sword. He smokes, he drinks, and he’s awesome. The world would be a better place if he was on the big screen, but it’s not in the cards.

Even if the JLD is brought to the big screen, seeing Detective Chimp is too much to hope for. It’s hard to take a drunk chimp in a deer hunter hat, flannel, and t-shirt smoking a cigarette and swinging around a magic sword seriously, especially for general audiences. Plus, fans might just see him as a Rocket Raccoon rip-off, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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