10 Marvel Weapons More Powerful Than All-Black, The Necrosword

Fans who headed to theaters to see Thor: Love and Thunder were introduced to a new version of one of the Marvel universe’s most powerful weapons. Gorr the God Butcher wielded the powerful weapon known as All-Black the Necrosword, whose origins stretched back to the beginning of the universe where it was created by Knull, god of the symbiotes.

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All-Black, the Necrosword has a number of impressive feats in the comics that explain its elevated status with fans. However, there are still a few other Marvel weapons that have proven to be more powerful than the Necrosword. These weapons are both iconic and sometimes unknown, but they have all shown their power through their own feats or in a battle against All-Black.

10 Thor Used The Power Of Two Mjolnirs To Defeat Gorr And All-Black The Necrosword

Thor proved his enchanted hammer Mjolnir was up to the challenge of All-Black when he faced off against Gorr the God Butcher. He was initially surprised by the power Gorr received from All-Black. Thor was forced to team up with a couple of the strongest versions of Thor from the past and the future to stop Gorr’s plans to eradicate gods from the universe.

Thor was able to use two versions of Mjolnir to absorb Gorr’s deadly Godbomb. He then took the fight to the God Butcher. Mjolnir was powered by the prayers of the universal gods and the energy absorbed from the Godbomb. Thor was able to use the enhanced power of both Mjolnirs to kill Gorr the God Butcher, though All-Black’s threat lived on until Mjolnir’s God Tempest destroyed it.

9 The Staff Of One Is A Magical Weapon That Can Cast Nearly Limitless Spells

Nico Minoru inherited a powerful mystical artifact known as the Staff of One from her supervillain parents. She used the magic weapon as a member of the Runaways. Her skills with the staff continued to evolve alongside her knowledge of its origins. The Staff of One is bonded with its user through blood and is able to cast powerful spells with a single word.

Nico Minoru learned that she couldn’t use the same word twice. However, similar spells could still be cast with new variations of the original word. This made Nico Minoru one of Marvel’s most powerful characters. The Staff of One could theoretically be used to depower All-Black, send it to another dimension or even magically transform it if the right spell and word were chosen.

8 The Alien Tactigon Was An Adaptive Weapon That Exploited Its Opponent’s Weakness

The powerful weapon known as the Tactigon was created by an ancient race of aliens known as the Prosilicans. They were given advanced technology by the Watchers, though they used it to create devastating weapons that wiped out their race. The Watchers swore a solemn vow to never interfere with other alien races again.

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The Tactigon fell into a few wrong hands over the years until it arrived on Earth and bonded with a couple of young heroes from the Initiative. The Tactigon was capable of analyzing an enemy’s weakness and reconfiguring itself to provide a better offense. This means that the Tactigon could potentially adapt itself to exploit the weaknesses of All-Black.

7 The Phoenix Gun Is Capable Of Destroying Entire Planets With Cosmic Bullets

Spider-Man and Wolverine discovered one of Marvel’s most powerful guns called the Phoenix Gun. It had been created by the X-Men’s Beast sometime in the future. The weapon harnessed the power of the cosmic Phoenix Force inside a single bullet, making the gun a devastating planet-killer that was not to be used lightly.

Anyone who fired the planet-destroying Phoenix Gun would perish themselves due to the weapon’s power. Wolverine died when he fired the weapon at Planet Doom, the Living Planet in the far future. The Phoenix Force later resurrected him in its ongoing cycle of rebirth. The Phoenix Gun could potentially take out All-Black or anyone wielding the deadly Necrosword with one bullet.

6 The Cosmic Cubes Give Users The Power To Change Reality And Grant Their Wishes

The powerful Cosmic Containment Units that first appeared as Cosmic Cubes channel energy from another dimension. They used energy stolen from the Beyonder’s universe, which allowed the Cosmic Cubes to alter reality in limited ways. The Cosmic Cubes were able to grant reality-altering wishes to some users like Red Skull and The Goddess during The Infinity Crusade.

The Cubes also had a tendency to form sentience and become their own beings like Kubik, the Shaper of Worlds and Kobik. While All-Black the Necrosword is an incredibly powerful weapon with it’s own sentience, a properly utilized Cosmic Cube could decide the outcome of any fight.

5 The Wand Of Watoomb Is An Ancient And Powerful Weapon That Can Channel Magic

Like The Ancient One, Watoomb was a powerful sorcerer who ascended to another level as a mystic principality of the Marvel universe. He created a powerful weapon that became one of Marvel’s most powerful artifacts. The Wand of Watoomb was able to store, channel and manipulate magical energy in various forms.

The Wand of Watoomb can be used both offensively and defensively to create magical spells, focused spells and defensive shields. It is a near-omnipotent weapon if it is in the right hands with the knowledge to use it properly. The living symbiote of All-Black isn’t especially vulnerable to magic, but the Wand of Wattomb could still give it a run for its money.

4 Odin Infused A Reality-Destroying Weapon Called The Odinsword With His Power

A powerful weapon known as the Odinsword was revealed by Odin during the Fear Itself event. It was a sword that he had imbued with his own power to become one of the most powerful Asgardian weapons. The Odinsword is capable of channeling both the Odinforce and the lifeforce of its holder to further increase its devastating attacks.

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Odin officially named his sword Ragnarok, the End of All Things. It was capable of destroying entire universes if used improperly. All-Black the Necrosword was definitely capable of bringing down gods and powerful heroes. However, even when wielded by Knull it couldn’t stand up to the full power of the Odinsword.

3 The Infinity Gauntlet Combines The Powers Of The Soul Gems To Manipulate Reality

Thanos was the first to gather the powerful Infinity Stones together to form the Infinity Gauntlet. Using the Gauntlet’s control of Reality, Power, Time, Space, Mind and Soul, Thanos was able to rewrite the universe on a whim. He wiped out half of the universe’s population in an attempt to impress the personification of Death and killed a number of heroes before he was stopped.

When wielded by its creator Knull, the Necrosword is capable of cutting down or corrupting Celestials and gods. The Infinity Gauntlet could wipe out all of the gods and Celestials with a snap, provided All-Black wasn’t able to cut the gauntlet from its bearer. There are a few Marvel weapons more powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet, but not many that can match its power.

2 The Ultimate Nullifier Is A Powerful Weapon That Could Destroy The Multiverse

Galactus the World Devourer is one of Marvel’s most powerful cosmic beings. However, even he wasn’t immune to All-Black the Necrosword. In the far future, Galactus was corrupted by All-Black which then became the Butcher of Worlds. Of course, even that powerful version of Galactus would still fear the Ultimate Nullifier.

Fans still have some questions about the Ultimate Nullifier. However, it’s known to be capable of destroying entire realities and potentially even the multiverse. Reed Richards threatened Galactus with the powerful weapon, which saved the Earth from Galactus’ hunger. All-Black is capable of many powerful feats, but it can’t handle the devastating power of the Ultimate Nullifier.

1 Venom Merged Mjolnir With Silver Surfer’s Surfboard To Create A Cosmic Battle Axe

Knull reformed All-Black the Necrosword during the King in Black event. He used it to lead the attack on Earth with his army of symbiote dragons. Knull carved through cosmic beings and the Avengers in his attempt to cover the universe in eternal darkness. Venom joined other characters who have become Captain Universe when he was chosen by the Enigma Force.

He became the God of Light’s avatar, which allowed him to create a powerful new weapon. He merged Thor’s hammer Mjolnir and Silver Surfer’s surfboard together to create a cosmic battle axe. Venom was able to overpower both Knull and All-Black the Necro Sword with his cosmic battle axe, proving that light always has power over darkness.

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