10 Possible Future Avatar Studios Projects

With the creation of Avatar Studios, Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra creators Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko now have the opportunity to write additional TV shows and movies in the Avatar universe. They’ve announced several projects, including three movies following Zuko, Kyoshi, and Korra, and there are many more stories to come.

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10 The Original Gaang’s Adult Stories Are Largely Untold

Although the Legend of Korra series touched on the original heroes’ adult lives, showing a middle-aged Aang facing off against Yakone, it never delved into their stories in any detail. This made sense, as the series was focused on Korra.

The past Avatars made several appearances in season one, but after season two they were never seen again. Now with Avatar Studios viewers can see short films or even bigger projects depicting what life was like for the Aang gang when they were creating Republic City or other adventures that fans have never even heard about.

9 The Kyoshi Warriors Have A Storied History

There has already been some confirmation that the Kyoshi Warriors were formed after Avatar Kyoshi sought protection for her island and wanted to give mistreated women the chance to fight for themselves. This was covered in the comic Shells, which followed Sokka and Suki, but it was only briefly mentioned.

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A short film depicting this endeavor could explore how specific women on the island were chosen and trained in this elite force. They could also see how the practice was received by other villagers, and could perhaps include Kyoshi’s girlfriend Rangi in the story as she assists with the training.

8 The Life Of Avatar Szeto

Although he made several appearances in the Avatar lineup and the previous Avatar shows, Szeto has never had his full story told. Parts of his tale have been written in the Avatar Wiki, where it’s said he was born into a time of great sorrow and natural disasters.

Rather than exerting his power as the Avatar, Szeto took a job in the Fire Nation’s government and dealt with the world’s problems from there. Expanding on his story and unconventional methods would make for an interesting film and could further explore the Fire Nation politics.

7 A Story Told From The Perspective Of A Non-Bender

Projects set in the Avatar universe have always followed a character who is able to wield all four elements. With the announcement of the Zuko movie, though, Avatar Studios has opened up the possibility for projects that don’t have a primary focus on the Avatar.

Perhaps there’s room for a series about a non-bender and their family living in one of the four nations. A story like this could provide insight into how the average civilian lives, dealing with the world’s politics and the prejudices that ordinary people face in a world populated with demigods.

6 The Story of Yangchen

Yangchen’s story will be told in the upcoming book The Dawn of Yangchen, but there is still a lot that could be viewed exclusively on the big screen. While she was constantly mentioned with praise and adoration in The Rise of Kyoshi, Yangchen was eventually revealed as a person who faced her own complex struggles.

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Yangchen focused her attention on humans rather than spirits, and the world became imbalanced. A story following Yangchen, perhaps showing her facing the consequences of her actions, could be interesting for fans of the franchise.

5 Kuruk’s Life And Mistakes

Many people love the known avatars for their imperfections, but Kuruk seems to be the exception. Even in the Avatar universe, he’s treated as a forgotten Avatar, with a legacy not important enough to mention. The Kyoshi novels shined a new light on him, though, revealing that Kuruk spent much of his life defending humans from dark spirits, angered by Yangchen’s years of neglect.

Fans of the Avatar universe are conflicted about Avatar Kuruk and many debates about his capacity for redemption rose. A series or movie expanding on Kuruk’s life could appeal to many fans and provide a meaningful glimpse into the complicated life he led.

4 A Redemption Story For Azula

Azula first appeared in Avatar the Last Airbender, and despite the show ending almost fourteen years ago, she is still a fan-favorite villain. Her tragic story and chilling strategies quickly attracted fans’ attention, and viewers have been begging for a redemption arc for the princess ever since her introduction.

Azula showed signs of a redemption arc in the comic The Search, where she and Zuko went off to find their mother, but towards the end, she reverted to her old ways. A series about Azula’s journey after the comics could expand on her as a character and provide a chance for her to redeem herself.

3 An Avatar’s Sibling Could Tell A Fascinating Tale

None of the known Avatars have had any siblings, despite the fact that there are no known complications associated with giving birth to an Avatar. As far as fans know, it’s not an impossibility.

There’s no doubt that an Avatar’s sibling would be under an enormous amount of pressure to keep up in every sense, and a series following their struggles would be incredibly interesting to watch. The relationship between the two, how each child was treated by their parents, and perhaps a story tying the family together could make for an entertaining and fascinating show. An Avatar’s position can come between them and their family, and this would be the perfect lens to examine the effect power can have on familial love.

2 A Film Documenting Wan’s Journey As The First Avatar

Viewers got a glimpse of Wan, the first Avatar, in The Legend of Korra but never saw his entire story. The main struggle Wan faced in the series was the battle between him and Vaatu, but there was a lot more going on around him at that time and after that particular fight was won.

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A film displaying more of Wan’s journey could be both beneficial for his character and the world around him. It would provide a chance for more story building and answers regarding the bending world before any of the other Avatars’ times.

1 A Movie About Korra’s Successor

While Korra did a lot of incredible things in her life, fans still don’t know much about her legacy. One of Korra’s biggest losses was when her connection to the past Avatars was severed, and many fans have hoped that a future Avatar might one day restore the Avatar’s connection to their past selves.

While this doesn’t seem likely, it would be interesting to see a future Avatar struggling and only having Korra to turn to for advice. This could spark them to go on a difficult quest to regain the connection to their past lives.

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