How Bel’Veth Expands the Lore

League of Legends‘ greatest strengths are its unique lore and ever-expanding roster of interesting characters. From samurai to evil corporate chem barons the world of Runeterra has many different characters to fall in love with. However, there are a few regions and character types that have been neglected over the past few years. While Riot finally released a new yordle champion last year, players have been desperately wanting a new monstrous character. The recent release of Bel’Veth has helped fulfill that.

Bel’Veth is the first new champion from The Void since Rek’Sai’s release in 2014. She is a melee skirmisher designed to be played in the jungle. Unlike other champions, Bel’Veth does not get more attack speed every level up and instead stacks additional attack speed with every champion and monster take down. She starts fairly weak, but over time, she becomes a late-game raid boss, which is fitting for her lore. Styled as The Empress of the Void, Bel’Veth breathes new life into the long-neglected region and provides some fascinating additions to League of Legends‘ lore.

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The Void is one of the many existential threats to the universe of Runeterra. It is a metaphysical unknowable eldritch dimension that existed since the beginning of the universe and represents nothingness. Before Runeterra existed, the Void was pristine and peaceful with none of its inhabitants even knowing of its own existence. When Runeterra was created that peacefulness was destroyed, and the Void lashed out from the ensuing shock.

After countless attempts to destroy reality in order to return to the peaceful nothingness, the Void has begun to change “corrupted” by the reality it seeks to destroy. The most powerful creatures of the Void are the Watchers, who are so determined to destroy reality they have created new Void creatures to aid them in that endeavor. Bel’Veth is one of their most recent creations, born out of a devoured city of the same name. Unlike her creators, Bel’Veth does not seek to destroy reality, but to recreate it in her own image.

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Up until now, the Void has been a singular region with a group of “leaders” called the Watchers, all with the purpose of destroying not just Runeterra, but the whole of creation itself. Bel’Veth has changed all that. Bel’Veth does not hate reality or creation, but instead wants to subsume it all and recreate it as part of her domain, the Lavender Sea. This would effectively unite the Void and Creation, ending the dichotomy and irreconcilable differences between the Void’s nothingness and the reality of Runeterra.

Despite being another potential world-ending threat like Viego, Bel’Veth is different. She is in a unique position and needs allies to stand up against the Watchers. Bel’Veth is young and weak compared to her creators, yet she’s full of knowledge and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Unlike other Void creatures, Bel’Veth is smart enough to reason and make pragmatic deals with humans to further her goals. Already she has convinced Malzahar to her side and has attempted to sway Kai’sa as well.

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There is so much potential for Bel’Veth to interact with other characters. Lissandra has worked with the Watchers in the past but later betrayed them, making her a potential ally for Bel’Veth. Her in-game voice lines also point to a potential alliance with the Ruined King Viego, hinting that she would at least preserve the memory of Isolde in her new world, while the Watchers would destroy everything. Bel’Veth could finally bring Aatrox the death and oblivion he craves. Even Zilean could be tempted by the promise of Icathia’s return, even if it’s twisted by Bel’Veth’s Lavender Sea.

While Riot Games does not have the best track record when it comes to telling stories with the characters of Runeterra, Arcane at least shows that trend is beginning to change. With any luck, Bel’Veth’s introduction will lead to a whole new host of stories and ideas to explore within the world of Runeterra.

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