Vader’s Duel Proves He’s More Powerful Than Old Republic Sith

The following contains spoilers for Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 1, Part V, streaming now on Disney+.

The early parts of Obi-Wan Kenobi were about Obi-Wan’s reluctance and regrets. Order 66 truly broke him, and he wanted nothing to do with the galaxy at large. Even when he was asked to rescue Leia, he tried to complete his mission without connecting to the Force. On top of that, he definitely didn’t want to fight Vader in Part III. However, it was only a matter of time before Star Wars fans got to see some real lightsaber action.

At the end of Part III, Obi-Wan reunited with his former apprentice, as the two crossed blades for the first time in a decade. While their duel was epic, it was pretty one-sided. Vader absolutely embarrassed his demoralized master. It proved how Vader’s power had grown, but the real point of that fight was to prove how far Obi-Wan had fallen. What happened in Part V, however, was all about proving Vader’s ridiculous power — with the Force and a lightsaber.

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Part IV featured a rescue mission to Fortress Inquisitorius. After some horrifying discoveries, Obi-Wan got Leia out, but Reva had A New Hope-style plot. She placed a tracker inside of Leia’s droid, which allowed her to track Obi-Wan and Leia’s movements. In Part V, Obi-Wan and Leia safely landed on Jabiim, but Reva was already prepping to attack the proto-Rebel base.

During the attack, Obi-Wan led an admirable defense effort, but he was really just stalling. He needed to buy enough time for their technicians to troubleshoot a problem with the hanger door and clear a path for their escape shuttle. So, after the initial assault, Obi-Wan took extreme measures and spoke to Reva through a barricaded door. It was during their conversation that Obi-Wan discovered Reva was a Youngling during Order 66. Once Obi-Wan knew the truth, he offered to team up with Reva so that they could eliminate Vader once and for all.

Reva was too good for an alliance (because she hated Obi-Wan for creating Vader), but she was ready to make her move. Later in the episode, Obi-Wan and company narrowly escaped Vader, and that’s when Reva chose to strike — and it was an absolutely pitiful sight.

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The original trilogy never really showed Vader unleashing his power. Since then, Rogue One‘s hallway scene was awesome, and Kenobi’s Part III duel was brutal — but this was different. Reva tried to surprise Vader with her attack, but he was way too strong. He felt the blow coming, and in a show of Force powers, Vader stopped Reva’s lightsaber mid-strike with his mind. That, however, was only the beginning, as the two of them had an extended fight scene. Reva tried her best to land a blow, but Vader dodged or parried every one of her attacks with the Force. When he had had enough, Vader disarmed Reva, broke her lightsaber in half and gave one end back to her. Then they briefly fought before Vader disarmed Reva again and ran her through. For Vader, the entire duel was pretty trivial. He knew that he was far superior to Reva, and he teased her with the hope of revenge before snuffing her out all at once.

The duel between the two dark siders also highlighted a few important facts. First off, the fight proved that none of the Inquisitors are very powerful. Reva gave it her all, but she was nowhere near a match for Darth Vader. Second, their fight proved that Vader’s Force abilities are on par with any Sith Lord in galactic history. Repeatedly blocking lightsaber blows with the Force is no small feat because lightsaber duels happen much faster than they are shown on screen, and even if she wasn’t super powerful, Reva was using the dark side, too. So, the fact that Vader was able to humiliate Reva and never be in any danger (without even drawing his weapon) proved just how powerful he is.

To see what powers Darth Vader shows next, watch Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Season 1 finale, next Wednesday, on Disney+.

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